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e. v. noechel
e. v. noechel
"Kobayashi Maru: A Bedtime Story" and "Deadlocked" will be in the upcoming issue of Fleas on the Dog
"After Dinner, When You Ask Me What I Fear Most" will be in the November 2022 issue of Hole in the Head Review
"At Pere LaChaise" will be published in the current issue of Borrowed Solace
Vox Poetica has published Dinosaur in August and Tried it Tried it Once this week. While you're there, please visit Louvre Cats, published in March 2012.
The Whole Beast has published "Drawn" and "Reach" in the current issue, Edge
The Other Herald just released issue #53 featuring "Fetch". A great no-pretense little mag that never disappoints.
A recording of E. V. reading at the Carrboro Poetry Festival is now available from their website
Almost Haiku has won second place in the Lit.org Summer Poetry Contest
E.V. Noechel is the recipient of a 2003 writer's grant from the United Arts Council.
Cats, Remember has received 2nd place in the Black Bear Review Poems of Social Concern Competition.
Museum Mundane and "Eve" have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
E.V. Noechel has joined the editorial writing staff of doggiefun.com. Her first article will appear in the November 2002 issue.
Almost Haiku Lit.org (2004 Summer Poetry Contest)
Damn You, Dryer Sheet, Cellar Roots, Ypsilanti, Michigan (2004)
Thrift Poetic Arts, Charlotte, North Carolina (2004) Honey and Psychic Hotline Tanka.
Seeds and Strychnine and A Bucket of Divinity will appear in the third issue of THRIFT.
Eleven Cats will appear in Open Minds Quarterly Winter 2004 issue.
Bay and Next Time, Mercutio have been accepted for publication in Snake Nation Review.
Hail and How Light, the Severed Head are featured in the current issue of Foliate Oak, published by the University of Alabama at Montgomery.
Pieces, Call, Next Time, Mercutio, Bay, Eve, Stone Fruit, Where the Oxygen Thins, Love Song to the Razor Tailed Swallow, And Then There Was the Time, and Airline/Feline are currently featured in the Fall/Winter issue of Wordwrights Magazine.
Cats, Remember, Pigeon, and Almost Haiku will be featured in the Winter Issue (Jan. 2003) of The Blind Man's Rainbow
And Then There Was The Time received Honorable Mention in the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Prize competition. E.V. will be reading at the reception, Oct. 5 in Paterson, NJ. The poem will appear in an upcoming issue of The Paterson Literary Review
Cats Remember received an honorable mention in the Brain Storm Poetry Contest, sponsored by Open Minds Quarterly, Sudbury, Ontario.
Sanitized is currently represented by the Collins McCormick Literary Agency
Museum Mundane, E.V.'s first book of poetry, will be published by Argonne House Press.
Wordwrights Magazine will feature 10 poems by E.V. Noechel in its fall issue.
Red will be published in the spring 2003 issue of Slipstream.
E. V. Noechel will be featured in an upcoming "Sunday Reader" in the News and Observer.
Into the Teeth of the Wind, the literary magazine of the College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, has published Lost Letters in their current issue.
Sojourn has accepted Advent Dog, Next Time, Mercutio, and Bay.
Bayou has accepted Eve and Abduction
Open Minds Quarterly has accepted Stone Fruit and Eleven Cats.
Aileron has accepted Pigeon, Call, and Love song to the Razor Tailed Swallow.
Cairn, a publication of St. Andrew's College Press, will be publishing Completed.
Eclipse Magazine will publish Love, the Taste of Lipstick.
Pieces has been accepted by Thought Magazine.
Spun Sugar Serum, Ghost Mother, and Cats, Remember will be featured in the May issue of Dead Mule.
Tonic will be published in the July Concrete Wolf.
License has been nominated for a 2002 Pushcart Prize
Lying in Ink will be featured in Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts