e. v. noechel

Murder Of Crows Murder
Of Crows

"We play Icarus with air and invisible things. Threats and promises, sometimes love."

Published by Argonne House Press of Washington, DC
ISBN 1-887641-82-3
Museum Mundane Museum

"The illicit mundane,
lurking in the back alleys of literature,
shooting up liquid boredom, screwing around with
disinterest and passivity, dealing in apathy,
busted with an ounce of crystal bland.
We're here. And it's quiet. We keep it on the low down."

Published by Argonne House Press of Washington, DC
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2003
ISBN 1-887641-73-4
Get The Rollax Replicas You Atned, Vermin Get the Rollax Replicas You Watned, Vermin

Now celebacy
by invitation only
feels bigger.

Don't be overwhelmed
you can watch me nude.

Allow me. Please.

Published by Assume Nothing Press, 2007
Vault Gone

Published by Foothills Publishing, NY, 2010