e. v. noechel

Museum Mundane

"We play Icarus with air and invisible things. Threats and promises, sometimes love."
Murder of Crows
Published by Argonne House Press of Washington, DC

To order, please contact MurderOfCrows@evnoechel.com or send $10 check or money order to:
Argone House Press
Murder Of Crows, poems by E. V. Noechel
P.O. Box 21069
Washington, DC 20009-0569

  • A Bucket of Divinity
  • Hail
  • Faith
  • Stone Fruit
  • Next Time, Mercutio
  • Familiar and Yet
  • Call
  • How Light, the Severed Head
  • Cats, Remember
  • Formalin Burn
  • Love Song to the Razor Tailed Swallow
  • Pocket Change
  • Where the Oxygen Thins
  • Pieces
  • Seeds and Strychnine
  • Pullet
  • Pigeon
  • Pet
  • :01