e. v. noechel

Museum Mundane

"The illicit mundane,
lurking in the back alleys of literature,
shooting up liquid boredom, screwing around with
disinterest and passivity, dealing in apathy,
busted with an ounce of crystal bland.
We're here. And it's quiet. We keep it on the low down."
Published by Argonne House Press of Washington, DC
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2003
ISBN 1-877641-73-4

To order, please contact MuseumMundane@evnoechel.com or send $10 check or money order to:
Argone House Press
Museum Mundane, poems by E. V. Noechel
P.O. Box 21069
Washington, DC 20009-0569

  • License
  • Instant
  • Lost Letters
  • The Square Root of Warm
  • Children Here
  • Everybody Wants Wings
  • Eve
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Red
  • Over the Dentist's Chair, the Poster Says "Smile"
  • Declawed
  • Cats, Remember
  • That Rosebud Thing's a Load of Crap, Too
  • Concentration and Inhalation (May Cause Death Without Warning)
  • Monday Morning
  • Eleven Cats
  • Almost Haiku
  • Sugar Sour Lemon Drop
  • Rail
  • Ghost Mother
  • They Call It
  • Damn You, Dryer Sheet
  • Three Thirty-six at the Gas Station Across the Street
  • Tonic
  • It Follows
  • Airline, Feline
  • Love, the Taste of Lipstick
  • Lying in Ink
  • Completed